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DECA Solutions, Inc. is uniquely qualified to support your Data Network from small Local Systems to large Enterprise systems.

DECA solutions has gained immeasurable experience during previous years in the design, implementation, and support of Data Networks of all sizes. During the years of learning and growth in the field of Data Networking, DECA Solutions has acquired the ability to design and implement Data Networks that operate efficiently and robustly in the most unique environments imaginable.

DECA Solutions can provide your company Data Network services in the following disciplines:

Please feel free to "click" on any of the network disciplines to find out how DECA Solutions can serve your needs. For specific questions regarding our Data Networking capabilities or to discuss a specific requirement please send an e-mail to info@decasol.com.

Local Area Network - A computer communications system limited to no more than a few miles, commonly in the same building, and using high-speed connections (2 to 100 megabits per second). A computer network linking workstations, file servers, printers, and other devices within a local area, such as an office. LANs allow the sharing of resources. A short-haul communications system that connects ADP devices in a building or group of buildings within a few square kilometers, including workstations, front-end processors, controllers, switches, and gateways. Common LAN protocols are Ethernet and Token Ring. A home network is a LAN in the home.
(Definition from TechDictionary.)

DECA Solutions' extensive experience with LANs allows us to propose and deliver your network as efficiently as possible, keeping production network disruption to a minimum. We select the network equipment carefully for each project, ensuring that we adopt a scalable solution for growing clients, without over reaching for those clients with less need.

DECA Solutions can also analyze your existing LAN for efficiency and adherance to standard LAN design and practices. We will recommend upgrades or redesigns as needed.